Education Commentary Based on Carl Singlet´s "What Our Education System Needs Is More F’s"

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Carl Singleton writes in “What Our Education System Needs Is More F’s” that our education system is failing. Because our education system is failing, students are graduating from high school and college without being able to read or do simple math. “The immediate need for our educational system from prekindergarten through post-Ph.D. is not more money or better teaching but simply a widespread giving of F’s.” Singleton says. Singleton goes on to say that the F’s that should be given would only be given to students that failed to learn the required material. Students are, and continue to be passed rather than held back or failed. Singleton blames low-quality teaching on “…low-quality teachers who never should have been certified in the first place.” Once parents start to see that their child has in fact earned an F, they may become more of an active parent in the sense of setting boundaries and rules when it comes to grades and entertainment (taking away phone or TV privileges). Along with Singleton I believe that there should be a lot more stern F’s given to students that earn them. More F’s in the educational system would result in providing the world with literate graduates, quality teachers and active parents. Even back when I was in high school students who were given F’s were usually just the students that either never came to class or those that were constantly rude towards teachers. Of course even as a student I never liked to see my fellow peers failing the

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