Response to 'In Praise of the F Word

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Response to “In Praise of the “F” Word”
When my chemistry teacher handed back the test we took, I frustratingly wiped sweat away from my eyebrow. Another C- no saving my grades now. Even if I studied diligently for eight hours a day and aced everything, I can do no better than a B-. I thought about my friends who go to a less prestigious school; they can put in minimal amount of work in chemistry class and still manage an A-. Then, I stumbled upon “In Praise of the “F” Word”. In her article “In Praise of the “F” Word”, Mary Sherry makes a case that high schools are giving students grades that they don’t deserve or didn’t work for, producing “semiliterate” graduates. “In Praise of the “F” Word” attempts to persuade teachers to grade harshly on students in order for them to truly comprehend the material and be prepared for the workforce when they graduate. Sounds fairly reasonable at first glance, doesn’t it? However, if one analyzes this proposal, it’s not hard to find a myriad of underlying consequences with it. If teachers decide to go through with Sherry’s plan, they put their students at an immediate disadvantage and jeopardize their chances of getting into a better college.
The biggest issue with Sherry’s plan to stop grade inflation is that she didn’t account for the fact that there is no universal grading system in the world. Grades are based on a criterion set by a particular teacher, and the teacher is the final person to decide what grade the student receives. An A
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