Education : Education Or Training?

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Schools: Education or Training?
Albert Einstein, a well-known theoretical physicist once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Education is a process of learning every day. Human nature is to learn from what they comprehend around them and how they perceive different thoughts and ideas, they learn. People begin to learn from the day of birth and continue learning until the day they die. Knowledge is not obligated to a specific place like a classroom. Thomas Edison and William Shakespeare, the great names, dropped out of school when they were young, yet they were successful later in their lives. Their experience and surroundings taught them the ways of life and the key to be successful. A school teaches how to swim, dance, write, and other great skills, but a student actually learns when he practices swimming, dancing, and writing by their own. Education does not primarily occur in school because knowledge comes from life experience and from exposure to the mass media on a daily basis.
Knowledge comes from life experiences. There are numerous individuals who experience difficult times in their lives and they do not have enough assets to send their kids to school or even themselves. A large portion of them figures out how to educate their children at home and furthermore kids learn from their environment. For example, one of my neighbors back in the days of Pakistan was not economically stable. They often struggled to get food on their dining table. They had

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