An Analysis Of Jim Davison 's ' The Ledge '

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There are many people in the world that have been noted to be some of the most intelligent and educated people in the universe, but it seems that the idea of education is often mistaken with the idea of schooling. Being an educated person is not based off of how high one’s GPA is or how well one can write an essay. Rather it is how one lives their daily life and can overcome obstacles that lead oneself to the true understanding of experimental education. Education does not only exist in the academic world. Don 't be fooled; education most definitely exists in the classrooms of a university but it also exists everywhere else. It is through experimental education and how one overcomes certain obstacles that one is truly shaped into an educated person. Experience is the basis of all knowledge. It is quite the chilling thought to grasp that at any moment, one’s life can change forever. Jim Davison’s story in The Ledge is one about self-reflection and conquering a physical and mental battle that many would be incapable of doing. Similar to Davison, John Locke’s theory of education deals with learning from the process of experience through sensation and reflection. Textbooks and professors can help students understand certain ways to read, write, and do math, but none of that knowledge becomes useful when life twists and turns and something unexpected happens. Students are not taught through a textbook how to react when a loved one dies or when a traumatic experience occurs.That

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