Education For Children With Disabilities

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In American Education we explore the evolution of legislation that was passed to protect students with disability rights and their families. Educators who believed in special education or exceptional students went through trials and tribulations to pass several acts such as the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975, and including others that will be defined in this essay. As a future educator, I believe many people are not accepting of students with disabilities because of their appearance, and their process skills. There is a significant amount of patience that needs to be involved when dealing with special needs. I admire those who fight for special education rights. As educators, we should never exclude a student because teaching is learning. We are all here to learn and gain strategies into teaching our special needs.
Beginning in the 1900’s, the Americans with Disabilities Act was the first essential Civil Rights Act for Individual with Disabilities. This act was a way for people such as employers to not discriminate against people who are different. Employers must provide accessibility and provide reasonable use of equipment. Overall, employers may not use a person’s disability as a reason for not hiring him or her. Not only employers were expected to provide accommodations, but public places, transitauthorities, companies, and colleges or universities were to apply these exchanges to their buildings too. Each place listed must…
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