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Having an education is not just about the abilities to read and write, it is strength to understand, make decisions, and be concise of manipulation. Merely more than half of the world have no opportunity or access to an education, and these people constantly struggles to maintain their livelihoods and lives by listening to and following orders of their superiors. The significance of education is that it gives people the freedom to act on their own wills and recognize the negative/positive aspects of a dominating force, but without these, events, such as the Holocaust occurs and repeatedly provoke the need to fight, like in the Civil War. From the start of history, America was centralized with white dominance, while black slaves were excluded from the freedom, liberty, and happiness that the white colonists preserve for themselves. Black slaves were never given the opportunity to a proper education because white Americans feared that the more slaves learn to think for themselves, the higher the chance of a revolt and uprisings; which would’ve threatened the structure of white’s society. Even in modern-day world, there are still countries and even in some parts of America, that hesitate to give a proper education to the minorities and underprivileged. The wealthy have many dimes to spare because they are able to afford to go to school and earn the knowledge on how to invest and take advantages of poor labor. However, the common-class and less fortunates can scarcely support

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