Education Is Affected By Budget Cuts

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Introduction Education is affected by budget cuts as it has been for many years in the United States. New policies are enacted for accountability and new legislation passed for increasing budget cuts in education is prevalent (2010).The question that must be asked are states are able to fund education adequately while still meeting the needs of all students.
Benefits to state budgets The largest area of state spending is in education. Inside this budget, schools must provide funding for transportation, food, resources in the classroom for all students, and salaries to all employees. Throughout watching this video, the main benefit I could see from state’s financing schools are the ability to always have a check and balance to determine if funds are being spent correctly. When I first began teaching, the principal at the time was known to spend money when it was not needed. When she first took over, she spent $16,000 on murals to make our school look pretty, even though we had a major leak in the ceiling. After 3 years of not meeting AYP the state examined the funds that were spent, and the principal was not reassigned the following year.
Downside to state budgets To begin with, the most interesting information I learned was how in the near future we will be have to take funds away from the young to help take care of the health care cost of the elderly. If education funds are to be cut in half, the effects will be felt throughout society. What will have to be cut

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