Education Is An Important Aspect Of Teaching And Teaching

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Critically evaluate the extent that performativity in education has on developing creativity in learning and teaching and assess the impact that this has on individuals

As a concept towards education, performativity is one that seems to strongly divide opinion. There are many scholars who argue that an increasing emphasis on performativity within education has a detrimental effect on the levels of creativity that students and teachers can demonstrate, and in turn negatively effects the results of the educational process. On the other hand there are those that believe that performative analysis within education plays an important role in highlighting areas of success, and areas that require improvement. Ofsted (the Office for Standards in Education) agree that creativity is an important aspect of teaching and learning, however they also believe that a disciplined structure is important to allow this creativity to be successful:
“Occasionally, teachers fail to grasp that creative learning was not simply a question of allowing pupils to follow their interests; careful planning was needed for enquiry, debate, speculation, experimentation, review and presentation to be productive.” (Ofsted, 2010)
Fostering creativity in education is intended to address many concerns. As Parkhurst summarises, this includes “dealing with ambiguous problems, coping with the fast changing world and facing an uncertain future” (Parkhurst, 1999). Other scholars such as Poole (1980) argue…
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