Education Is The Most Important Part Of Every Human

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Today, Education is the most important part of every human being in this world. But, how can a developed country like the United States consider education as a privilege rather than a need. Today, America is suffering from lack of workforce and education crisis. America’s economy is collapsing and it is losing to countries like china, Brazil, Russia, etc. because Americans are deprived of education because of high college costs. High school graduates in America want to attend college but when they attend college, either they drop out of college or they graduate but end up paying money for student debt and loans throughout their life. According to Vermont senator Bernie sanders, today Americans have a burden of 1.3 trillion dollars in debts and loans. This amount is much greater than the amount of credit card. Because of lack of education, there is a huge income gap between the wealthier and poor. America is called, “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”, But how can a country be the home of the brave if its people are not educated. To make America better and stronger, education should be free for every U.S. citizen and so the public universities and colleges should be free. A free education would enable every American to achieve the American Dream. It would fill the income gap between poor and rich and would boost the economy of the nation. For a better understanding, we must look at the cost of tuition of public universities in America. In the past decade, the cost
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