Education : My Experience Of Technology In School

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I remember my first day of school. My mommy dropped me off and I looked at her like “why are you leaving me here with these people?” One of the first things we did was watch he morning announcements on a chunky old TV bolted to a corner. Little did our four-year-old minds know that technology in school was going to get more complicated from there. My earliest experiences with desktops were in pre-k and kindergarten. We used to go to the computer lab a few times a month. There was a program with a little customizable elephant. The elephant was somewhat like our tour guide for all the cute educational games. I liked the games but I dreaded going to the computer lab because I thought the teacher was mean. Then as I got older students were forced to do success maker and MAP testing. I hated both. I felt like success maker was a waste of time and an excuse for teachers to take a break from teaching. MAP testing was taken seasonally. Its intention was to predict how well a student would perform on other tests like PASS. MAP was even worse than success maker because we had to sit there for hours 3 days out of the week. We also started taking AR tests. I tried to read the most books and take the most tests. I enjoyed challenging myself and I suppose that wouldn’t have happened without technology. Fourth and fifth grade is when we got into creating projects using programs like Prezi, PowerPoint, and Publisher. Every Thursday my guidance counselor would take me out of music class

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