Technology In High School

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Need to order a pizza, just go online. Need to talk someone, just text them. Want to buy some clothes, just go online. Technology is everywhere, and will only become more and more prominent. In Doulos, technology is rarely used and the old fashioned way of learning is enforced; handwritten notes and lectures. The computer lab is often over booked and students are unable to use computers when needed. Doulos not being a technology based school has many negative effects on students who are planning to attend college.
If students do not use technology in high school, they don’t learn the proper way to handle technology. When students go to college, they will miss important things like notes and lectures because they are too busy trying to pull
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Students won’t be all excited about technology and spend the whole class playing games or staying up all night messing around on the web. Students will no longer in the honeymoon phase with technology, and they won’t be as obsessed as it seems they can be in high school. Lastly, students will know the consequences of messing around when it comes to technology. Doulos should be teaching students how to handle technology and the consequences of messing around. They should know the difference between free time and work time, and how to manage the two. In college, a professor will not re-concentrate a student who is watching a movie instead of taking notes. In college students are paying to be in class, and most times in a big college, teachers will not care if they are paying attention. They expected students to have learned how to handle technology by this point. Although, how can anyone expect students to be good at this skill if they’ve never learned it. Many say that technology is a distraction to students and results in wasted time. However, High School is the time when students should learn the consequences of not being on task, because in college no one is going to be there to make sure they are doing their work. They need to know the
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