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The public school systems goal in the United States is to provide every child with equal education. Unfortunately somewhere along the lines the education system in our country has failed to provide this equal education to many of our children, especially minority. It isn’t that the education is not there, but many other things such as , teachers,learning styles, and the culture of the school itself affect a child’s education. African American students at Forest high experience school differently than Whites. For example, many students at school were they are the minority report they feel less connected to school than do their White peers; many Black students contend that they are forced to participate in a system that has little regard…show more content…
Many African Americans are kinesthetic; most likely, they are not very skilled at using visual-auditory strategies for learning. Therefore, they have a hard time comprehending what they read, spelling well, understanding math, and they test poorly on standardized test. Therefore our school should develop test that cater to the variety of need s that all students process. I beliveAfrican American students have been put on the “back burner” for years. Teachers must acknowledge all cultural backgrounds, in order, to teach more effectively. It is a shame that minority children are still labeled as inferior in the school system. Changes in the curriculum must be made to get away from these assumptions and meet more diversified learning styles. Teachers need to realize there are approaches to enable all students to learn. Display flexibility in the context of a structured learning environment. Provide opportunities for minority students to work cooperatively. Take cultural experiences of a child and family in to include it in the curriculum. Moreover, the belief that their academic performance is compared to a standard based on White, middle-class society and culture is common among Black students. (Polite & Davis, 1999). Teachers at forest use Assessment to inform pupils of their strengths and weaknesses and how to make progress. They do not access African American students any differently than any other
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