Education, Why here? Why now?

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Senior High School for four years, apply to college, graduate, walk across the stage, go to prom. Attend college for four years, find a job, build a family. Repeat. The populace have their lives dictated to them by society from a very early age. For as long as I can remember, four years of high school has been what most of the people in my neighborhood and other communities find standard and natural. There were always those few who graduated a year early, but only to take a gap year and travel or “just relax.” Only a handful of fortuitous students and individuals have the chance to know what Simon's Rock offers and the opportunities that it makes available to its incoming and returning students. I am one of these individuals.
Simon’s Rock is the best place to start my college education. It is specialized for students who want more out of their education; more than just busy work, and filler classes. I want to be at an institution where everyone wants to learn and grow, both academically and personally. I want to be at a place where everyone is passionate about a specific issue or subject, whether it art, foreign language, or science. I want an education centered on me and the subjects I choose to study. I want freedom to speak my mind without being ridiculed and judged; a place where open-mindedness is rewarded not only by the teachers but also the students. I am tired of being placed in classes that will not help me achieve my goals, classes that I am put in just to

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