Education and the World Citizen

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Education seems to be becoming more and more of a controversial subject not only among government, but also with school boards, teachers, parents, and even the students. Some of this controversy is attributed to the normal routine things such as starting times, funding for clubs and sports, and more recently the rise of violence in the schools, as well as outcries from the church for the return of religion in the schools. However, people of today's society are even more confused by the recent additions of new subjects not only the college curriculum but also in the curriculum of grade schoolers as well. These additions include the study of non-western cultures, the study of women and ethnic minorities in the U.S., and finally the study of…show more content…
Nussbaum proves this to be true when she tells us about the University of Chicago and how the "chain-link fence out back of the law school parking lot marks the line between the university campus and the impoverished black community that surrounds it." (4)Nussbaum, being a philosopher, a scholar, a teacher, as well as a student, appears more than sufficiently equipped to deal with the educational aspect of a person. Nussbaum, as well as Socrates, tend to think that the educational background of the student as well as the curriculum they are taught effect the outcome of the student as far as becoming a world citizen is concerned. According to the World Citizen Organization, a world citizen is "an inhabitant that embraces all considerations... aware of the Global Learning Framework; including perspective awareness, health of planet awareness, systems awareness, being involved being prepared, and a life-long learner aware of the inter-connectedness of all things; oneness, aware of environmental inter-relatedness of the four E's: economics, energy, ethics, and health, having a preferred worldview…" (5). It would seem that there is a unifying theme amongst all of this that the "world citizen" is simply a well-rounded person who simply takes the time to learn about, and understand others. Without education though, one cannot
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