Educational Benefits of Private vs. Public Schools

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Matthew Weller Educational Benefits of Private versus Public Schools There is much debate about whether private schools or public schools are the better value. The value proposition when comparing these two school types includes whether scores on standardized tests are better, whether overall grades are better, which schools provide a better "bang for the buck" and so forth. This article will explore several factors that lead the author of this paper to believe that private schools are better, and it is not even close. Reasons to Favor Private Schools When choosing education for children, are people willing to go above and beyond a better future or settle for what is offered to everyone? While public schools aren't as regulated, private schools offer a safer environment which allows children to focus more on education. Some people can argue that private schooling isn't affordable like public (which doesn't cost a thing) but come of those people are the ones buying kids $15,000-20,000 cars for their first car, so why not put that money to bettering a child's future? Private schools are also more known for being better selective of hiring teachers, while public schools tend to just snatch ones available. While children's education is important, it is also important to educate people around the world of their educational opportunities (de Rugy). With public school funding being cut across the country, many parents are considering enrolling their children in one of the
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