Educational Leadership Platform : Philosophy Of Education

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Educational Leadership Platform
Philosophy of Education
Education is necessary for progression into the future for a society as a whole. My administrative belief is that education has to have equal opportunities for all; educating society with relevant, meaningful standards to enhance students personally and academic prosperity on a global scale. Understanding students’ needs and their complexity of development will magnify the successes within each of us resulting in an educated society.
Education develops future endeavors; leading teachers to commit to lay foundational skills that build upon each year for students. Through the elementary, secondary and higher levels, each person has the opportunity to develop a wondrous relationship with learning. Leadership skills that embrace teachers and students to become more than what they believe, to change the world through victories of developing thought processes, building schemas, concept building, and developing lifelong learners.
Philosophy of Leadership
My educational leadership philosophy is founded on respect. Respect must be given and received mutually. From teacher to students, to custodial staff, each person has their own story, fights, successes, and talents. Working together as a team to promote self and community advantages will enhance not only the school, but in turn will affect the world.
My education belief is to inspire students to change the world. I want students and staff to be proud of their
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