Educational Podcast Analysis. Jessica Vandeventer. Description.

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Educational Podcast Analysis Jessica Vandeventer Description Activity Educational Podcasts Information This project will be used to gain an understanding of where to find audio sources and the importance of implementing them in a classroom environment. Points 100 Points Total Due Date Project is due January 30, 2017 1. What is the URL (web site) that you downloaded or listened to the Podcast from? 2. What subject do you currently (or will you) teach? I will teach general curriculum to elementary students, or I hope to focus on early science for elementary Students. 3. Why did you choose this specific Podcast? I chose this …show more content…

7. With the seemingly large scale of technology available to teenagers, would you allow students to listen to their smart devices during your daily course? I do not think I would allow my students to listen to their devices during my class period. I find that listening on person devices is a distraction to what is happening in class. I think that if we need to listen to something, it can be done as a class with speakers. 8. How can you use audio books in your classroom to provide a viable alternative to reading course material? Audiobook can be used in the classroom to proved a way for audio learns to learn better. We can listen to a book as a class and no one has to read allowed to the class. I personally listen to a lot of books at home and find that I can take notes easier. 9. For any course, music can be used in some way. In what ways do you believe you will you incorporate music to help teach your curriculum? Music can be very helpful in the classroom, and I would use is in the classroom. I know when studying and test taking classical music is suppose to help with memory. I would use music as a way to help students study. Another way in which to use music is to find songs about what you are currently studying, this can be a fun way to help students memorize terms for science or other courses of study. 10. Find one article or web site related to your course and how methods are being used to implement audio files (in any

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