Edwin Abbott's Flatland

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Flatland might sound like a dull title, but Edwin Abbott has made a fascinating novel that is both intriguing and educational. The novel was published in 1884 and it interacts with the reader. It make sure you understand completely with illustrations and examples. Millions of students have read this. It is said to challenge your mind and to have theological and philosophical undertones. The way it is written is very unique and is a brilliant way to introduce you to geometry. It first starts off with A. Square explaining to us his homeland. He calls it Flatland and it is a two dimensional world. His world is often described to be a victorian society. They have the belief that the less angles you possess the smarter and higher in society you will be. The highest figures in their society are the circles and after them come the polygons who are upper class. The middle class consists of squares, pentagons, hexagons etc. The equilateral triangles are in the lower class and the isosceles triangles are the working class or servants. Irregulars are seen as criminals and are believed to be stupid and dangerous. An irregular is a figure who’s sides are not equal or congruent. They might be surgically altered at a young age, …show more content…

In Flatland everyone believes that they are the only dimension that exists. But one night the square has a vision of Lineland. Lineland in world with only one dimension. The square interacts with the inhabitants of Lineland and tries to teach them what right and left are. He fails and is only met with fury and incredulously. But, after waking up he confused and intrigued by this new land. After that he is visited by a sphere. The sphere tries to explain to him the third dimension, but the square acts just like the inhabitants of Lineland when he tried to explain left and right. The sphere takes him to spaceland and shows him all the wonders of the third dimension. He is also introduced to

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