Effect Of Air Pressure In Basketball

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The air pressure inside a basketball has the biggest affect on bounce. The purpose of conducting this experiment is to determine if a basketball with a greater air pressure (psi) inside the basketball will bounce higher. The hypothesis for this experiment is 'If air pressure is decreased inside the basketball, then the bounce height will decrease as well'. I have participated in numerous inflatable ball sport activities and from personal experience this has enabled me to make an opinion on the results of the experiment, which is expressed in the hypothesis. A video camera was set up on a tripod, this was the main means of collecting the information by recording the bounce of the basketball after being released from a height of 2.7 meters in front of a measuring stick. The experiment was commenced with the basketball inflated to 12 psi and then the psi was decreased by one unit until the basket ball was measuring zero psi. It was essential that at each level of psi the basketball was dropped three times to gather an average resulting in more reliable data. When conducting this experiment the findings revealed the hypothesis was proven correct. When the basketball had the greatest amount of psi (12) it bounced the highest with a average height of 186.7cm. When the basketball had the least amount of psi (zero) it bounced the lowest height of 16.7cm. The results of this experiment provide valuable information to basketball players as it identifies that having the right

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