Aromatherapy Essay

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Chapter 1.0: INTRODUCTION This dissertation will explore the effectiveness of aromatherapy within palliative care patients. It will then undertake a critical literature review and it will then identify aspects of practice which require improvement and develop a service improvement plan relating to one of these issues. Palliative care is a holistic approach to support a patients symptoms who have an advanced progressive condition. Healthcare professional’s objectives are for the patient and families to have the best quality of life throughout their illness, this also involves psychological, social and spiritual support (NCPC, 2015). There are a number of progressive conditions that patients require palliative care such as: 1. Chronic …show more content…

Aromatherapy is used as an alternative medicine which consists of essential oils extracted from a wide variety of components such as: trees, shrubs, grasses, herbs and flowers. Each component is stored in a specialised oil and on average an essential oil contains one hundred components including alcohols, ketones and aldehydes (Worwood, 1991). Essences are also used in general medicine they are used as flavouring agents and therapeutic ingredients, they are used in a number of medication including antiseptic creams and ointments. Aromatherapy aims to improve an individual’s health or mood through non-invasive and non-toxic treatment/therapies. The evaporation of essences from the components surface is known to be a defence mechanism against infection by bacteria and fungi which contribute towards stimulating the body’s own natural healing mechanisms. There are a combination of aromas which include: massage, aromatic baths and other treatments that all work to regulate, balance and heal (Tisserand, 1977). Aromatherapy has expanded enormously since the 1970s but what continues to matter is the enhancement of individuals comfort especially patient’s symptoms who have an advanced progressive condition from essential oils. This is what encourages more in depth knowledge into this area. The chosen research question for exploring aromatherapy within palliative care is: • The effectiveness of

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