Effectiveness Of Gatekeeping By Bruns

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The effectiveness of gatekeeping More recent studies on the effectiveness of gatekeeping by Bruns (2005) argue in the digital age journalism is increasingly influenced from the outside. According to Bruns (2005) “the fourth estate is in danger of being overwhelmed by the ‘fifth estate’, the growing number of PR merchants and spin doctors influencing the news agenda undermining the reality of the gatekeeping process itself”. Furthermore, in this day and age 24 hours news broadcast results in journalists relying on material from the so called fifth estate rather than investing time and money on independent research (Bruns, 2005). The world wide web, however, has enabled consumers to be less dependent and reliant on what actually comes through the gates of the mainstream news organisations; they can go past these and enquire further at the source (Bruns, 2005). How did gatekeeping work in the case of my story? In other words, what was the main reason for me to choose this particular story on English wine over others? Did it “make it” because the subconscious me who enjoys a good glass of wine favoured this story over the others (people with gambling problems and the rising number of complusive gamblers; or the closure of the last remaining coal mine in Yorkshire and its social impact on the region)? There is a catalogue of reasons for doing the story on wine; the personal attitude, however, was certainly the least important. Needless to say is the production process of a
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