Effectiveness of the Tory and Whig Arguments Prior to the American Revolution

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Effectiveness of the Tory and Whig Arguments Prior to the American Revolution In the eighteenth century, the American Revolution played a vital role in determining the future of the American colonies. Prior to the Revolution, propagandas from both the Tories and Whigs influenced the choices that Americans make. Both sides exchanged attacks and accusations in their publications, while also presenting realistic evidence and logical reasoning to back their doctrine and arguments. Two of the many documents preceding the Revolution are especially interesting in terms of their structure of presentation. Letters of a Westchester Farmer, composed by Reverend Samuel Seabury, offers arguments favouring…show more content…
He then provides logical reasons for his claims throughout the document, focusing on the issue of those agreements. This structure is extremely effective, given that the arguments are sequential and connected. Likewise, Common Sense has a similar structure that also creates a comparatively same degree of effectiveness. The document first proposes its doctrine, “…as much hath been said of the advantages of reconciliation, which, like an agreeable dream, hath passed away…,”[3] and then answers each of the charges the Tories make. Unlike the structure of the earlier document, Common Sense poses a question or an accusation from the Tories, and rebuts it with the Whigs doctrine and Paine’s reasoning. The structure of this document is more effective in terms of impact. As in the earlier document, the reverend does not counter Whigs’ view, but only express his opinions about them. Contrary, this document offers a scope of the Tories’ point, and persuades the Americans that the Whigs’ view is more logical by comparing the two sides. In short, Common Sense is more effective than the Letters of a Westchester Farmer in terms of structure, due to its more comprehensive reasoning behind the doctrines. Besides the structure, the validity
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