The Political Consequences Of The French And Indian War

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The French and Indian War was between the French and the English over the Ohio Valley within the years of 1754 and 1763. It started when a series of battles occurred in Ohio Valley. Ohio Valley was claimed by both the British and the French as their territory, which created serious conflict. The British were ultimately victorious, but suffered losses as well. As a result of The French and Indian war the political, economical, and ideological aspects were altered significantly between Britain and its American colonies and resulted in paving the way for the Revolutionary War. One of the results of the French and Indian War was the a political shift in the relationship between the colonists and Britain. When looking at the maps in Document …show more content…

This clearly put a strain on their economic relationship and both sides’ biases are ultimately going to lead to the Revolutionary War. Last of all, the ideological relations between Britain and the American colonies were altered because of the French and Indian War. The relationship between the American colonies and Britain is becoming more strained because the cost for the war (on Britain’s side) and the needs of the colonists. In Document D, a Massachusetts soldier writes in his diary about his regiment being treated poorly or “like slaves.” It was believed that once they completed their duty, they would be able to return home but this wasn’t the case. Therefore, doubt started to arise in the colonists. They began to question whether Britain was going to do what was best for them. Another way the colonists’ relationship with Britain was being strained was through the taxes that Britain imposed on the colonists after the war (Stamp Act). Benjamin Franklin, in Document G, writes to John Hughs encouraging him to play both sides; appease to the colonists but also stay loyal to the King until they can repeal the Stamp Act. This is just the beginning and the bottom line is that Britain feels like the colonists owe them after the war. The colonists aren’t happy with this as they were promised land that the Proclamation of

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