Effects Of Africanization In This Side Jordan By Margret

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Effects of Africanization in This Side Jordan by Margret Laurence
Post-colonial Literary Theory came in to challenge and scrutinize the European theories which were the false perception that they had the universal culture despite the fact that their culture was not able to handle the complexities in the divergent cultures as depicted in the in the postcolonial writings. Therefore, there was the emergence of the indigenous culture developed specifically to accommodate the extremes of the two cultures, that is the traditional and the modern culture. European started the expansion of the political sovereignty. During this time, the political strategies of the European were aimed at eroding the culture of the communities they expressed their
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The imperialists suppressed the culture of the countries they colonized through the use of conquest, enslavement and finally the alienation of language to make their language superior to the language of the original inhibitors of the land they conquered. Different writers, Margaret Laurence in her book "The side Jordan" to be accurate have come up with the efforts of transforming the language to the extent that it could capture the socio-cultural aspects of the geographical locations of the nation 's Ghana and British. Among the futures that the users employ are the capability to examine and subvert the formation of the culture of the imperialists. Therefore, her use of English literature responded to this quest by making an attempt to develop the usage of the language that handled the sense of otherness.
In Canada, Margret Laura makes the effort of reconstructing the lost identity of the cultural groups that add up in making of the society in Canada through the use of her literary work. Some of the key issues that the novel handles in the quest to of reconstructing the lost identity include the strive towards the social recognition, the rebel against the brutality inflicted on the communities by the colonial masters and the experience the communities encountered in the amongst the ethnic groups. In this connection, therefore, Laurence crafted her work in the manner that it focusses on the identity whereby, the people

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