Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On Adolescents Essay

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It is legal in the United States to consume alcohol once a person reaches twenty-one years of age. However, that does not necessarily mean that a person doesn’t drink at all before it is legal for them. In fact, alcohol is the most commonly abused substance by adolescents (Mason and Spoth 2012; Schwinn and Schinke 2014), and use has been on the rise in the past decades. Alcohol use has been shown to increase with age, typically with it peaking during late adolescents (Poulin and Denault 2012). It begins with early onset, usually before age thirteen. This can develop into problem drinking and eventually alcohol abuse as early as age twenty-one (Mason and Spoth 2012).
This knowledge is shared with parents, who may then conclude that adolescent drinking is happening right under their nose. This is not always the case. In a study done by McGillicuddy et al. (2012), they looked at the agreement between parent and adolescent reports on the adolescent’s alcohol use. That is, they asked parents and adolescents to report on how much the adolescent drank and compared the reports. What they found was that reports were in “poor” agreement regarding if the adolescent used alcohol at all, and were “fair-to-good” regarding alcohol consumption. Oftentimes, the parent overestimated use or reported they were using when the adolescent reported no use. This helps to show that parents may overestimate their adolescent’s alcohol use.
It does not take away from the fact that

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