Effects Of Alcohol On The Alcoholic Beverage

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The alcoholic beverage has long been a key element of our social world and has grown into a way of life for many. It is something that is at almost every party that we attend, it is advertised on television, and is promoted by many celebrities. People consume alcohol to celebrate an occasion, socialize with their friends or strangers, or to just simply relax. Alcohol, whether it be in the form of wine, beer, or spirits, have almost become inescapable in todays society. We often wonder the effect that is has on different individuals, and wonder why some become so heavily addicted to it while others do not. Because the prevalence of alcohol has continued to flourish in our society, the number of people who heavily consume it has increased over the years (NBC). But, how much alcohol is too much? And, what are the consequences of alcohol consumption? Throughout this paper, I will discuss the physical and psychological effects of alcohol, withdrawal symptoms, and treatments that one can consider if they find themselves addicted.
The effects of alcohol may vary from person to person, depending on factors such as: how much an individual drinks, how often they drink, their age, health status, and their family history (niaaa). When an individual takes their first sip of alcohol, it enters the bloodstream. From there, your blood alcohol concentration level, or BAC, is increasing with every sip that you take. Your BAC level is the amount of alcohol that is present in the bloodstream.…
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