Effects Of Anorexia And Other Eating Disorders

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When people are surrounded by images of young celebrities who are painfully thin-or very slender with large breasts- girls growing up in todays world feel the pressure of having to meet the standards. While trying hard to look just like their famous idols, a lot of those people will fall prey to an eating disorder, and some will even abuse drugs that will help them lose weight. Also it may lead to self-doubt, depression, extreme dieting and even at the worst an eating disorder. Everywhere you go there is something around them that is advertising weight loss such as TV ads, weightloss ads, shakes, diet pills, weight loss apps are popping up like crazy. Statistics stats that 5 million or more girls and women in America are estimated to suffer from anorexia and other eating disorders. Anorexia affects up to 3.7 percent of the female population at some point in their life. Just because they want to look like all the famous models. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 11,326 girls aged 18 and under got breast implants last year-which tripled the number from 2010. Most board-certified plastic surgeons say they usually won’t preform implant surgery on girls under 18 unless one breast is smaller then the other. However, a lot of girls want this surgery as a graduation gift. Shows just how much young women will do to be perfect in society eyes. Young women are having other cosmetic procedures other then a boob job to be perfect and some of those
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