Effects Of Christianity On Cabeza De Vaca And The Natives

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Jacob Lawn
History 7A
Professor Delay
14th September 2015
The Effects of Christianity on Cabeza de Vaca and the Natives

On June 17, 1527, Cabeza de Vaca set sail west on a expedition to conquer and govern the lands from Mexico to the cape of Florida. However, during his journey Cabeza was faced with much devastation such as the wrecking of his ship which resulted in his separation from the majority of his Christian companions. Praying to God after every ordeal, Cabeza routinely sought after his Christian religion to guide him through his unexpected journey. While adventuring and touring through the interior portion of America, Cabeza encountered many different tribes that had already been living on the land. A Majority of the sixteenth century conquistadors imposed their religion through war and violence, Cabeza was one of few conquistadors to stay true to his religion and try to find the goodness in all of the indians he met. Moving from tribe to tribe as a medicine man Cabeza still stayed true to his Christian teachings and implemented them into the way that he communicated with the natives, which led to many tribes following the Christian faith. The religion of Christianity directly influenced the way in which Cabeza de Vaca interacted and felt toward the natives. Throughout the duration of his time traveling across the interior of America, Cabeza was able to practice his religious beliefs throughout all the mishaps he was faced with and was also able to convert many

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