Effects Of Climate Change On China

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In addition, not only does Beijing face water scarcity due to an increase in water demand and water pollution, but climate change also affects the access to water. Climate change can have impacts on the availability and quality of water due to “altering precipitation patterns, increasing the intensity of extreme events, raising water temperatures, and accelerating the melting of snow and glaciers” (Pitt, 2000, p. 87). Although the country of China can be known as one of the major emitters of green house gasses, which contributes to climate change, China is also affected by climate change in numerous ways. One of the ways in which climate change affects this country is through an increase in flooding and drought, which ultimately …show more content…

In regards to the increase in demand of water, China has taken action on coping with this issue through applying measures that will allow for water conservation. One of the ways in which China wishes to conserve water is through raising the price of water in a “ new tiered pricing system to put more of the burden on heavy business users as it seeks to protect scare resources” (“Thirsty Beijing”, 2014). As the price of water increases Chinas government is expecting that this will cause businesses to upgrade their facilities to reflect water saving measures. In regards to household usage Beijing charges 1.10 yuan for its water resource fee and has the highest price of water in all of the cities in China (Xie, 2009). The water resource fee “reflects the opportunity cost and scarcity of the actual raw water source and is charged to all water users” (Xie, 2009, p.9). The Ordinance of Water Permits and Water Resource Fee Management guide the tariffs on water and became effective in 2006 in which the local governments determine prices (Xie, 2009). Although the residents are being charged, the fees paid go to the local and central governments for general revenue. China still requires improvements in this area and should focus on sewage treatment fees rather than tap water tariffs. Another measure that the government of China has taken

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