Effects Of College On The College Loan Scandal

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Andie Jennings
Professor Romero
Eng. 68
8 April 2015
Keys to being Forever Free Students across the nations spend millions of dollars, get into debt, and waste thousands of hours on what a degree. Why would any person do this? For a very simple reason as Francis Bacon said “knowledge is power” and that is the main reason many people set out to go to college. Once people exit college with a degree in hand the effect of going to college will stay with person till he or she is old and grey. Few people will think that college has no effect on his or her life that is not so college will effect his or her for the better. The effect of college can be small to large and positive to negative but there is always an effect. Two articles proclaim the effect of college are “3 Reason College Still Matters” by Andrew Delbanco on March 4,2015 reprinted Princeton University Press and “Ripping Off Young America: The College-Loan Scandal” by Matt Taibbi August 15, 2013 Rolling Stone. There are many different effects that college may have on people and society; also the most incredible effects are a career, options, and life lessons. The peak economical effect of college for a person would have be at the end of his or her time at college awaits a career. College is not just about getting a degree, but finding a job in his or her field of study. In today’s world going through life without a degree would be as hard as going through life without a cell phone an impossible feat. Along with…
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