Effects Of Dutch Colonization On Indonesia

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The age of exploration brought the Netherlands to colonize Indonesia for many decades. When the Dutch first arrived in Indonesia, they made slow advances to different parts of Indonesia. At the time, Indonesia was well known as the spice islands that many countries wanted to colonize. Because Dutch colonization in Indonesia lasted a long time, it impacted Indonesia greatly and left many short and long term effects. Although the Dutch impacted Indonesia greatly in many different ways, they left an exceptional amount of marks in Indonesia’s economy, politics, and religion at the time of their colonization. The VOC took advantage of Indonesia’s rich land which was suitable for the growth of many different commodities that would benefit their …show more content…

The Dutch created new systems, rules, and held power and control over the people of Indonesia. They formed single organizations and traded across large areas before eventually becoming the main political figure in the archipelago and replaced existing Indonesian politics. Rules and systems that had been previously used by Indonesia were diminished and quickly taken over and changed by the Dutch. The cultivation (culture) system was a system that impacted the Dutch and Indonesia politically and economically for a long period of time. The Dutch would have each village submit a set amount of resources as rent that benefitted them but was torture for Indonesians (encyclopedia Britannica). Though the VOC had made positive political advances in Indonesia, their systems and politics weren’t effective and was often inhumane for the Indonesians. Their culture system was eventually rioted against and diminished. “The rejection of the cultivation system was both for humane and for economic motives.”; the culture system was changed in 1870 and created a new period, led by the Dutch crown instead of the VOC (Indonesia Investments). Political choices made by the VOC weren’t the best and while it did reap good results, they often fell into failure. This goes to show how inefficient the VOC could be for long term results, but efficient for short term results. Politics weren’t the only thing the Dutch brought that was spread and practiced all throughout Indonesia. Religion was also something that they brought over, spread, and

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