Effects Of Eating Or Drinking Genetically Modified Organisms

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Bryna Mead
Ms. Phipps
English 12, hour 1
November 19, 2014 We Deserve to Know
Americans deserve to know what they are consuming and they do not want to involuntarily be a part of the ongoing experiment for the side effects of eating or drinking genetically modified organisms. There are currently 61 countries that already label genetically modified organisms, GMOs, and these countries make up over 40% of the world’s population (Kingston). However, GMO labeling is not required in the U.S. Although a recent survey found that 92% of Americans want GMOs to be labeled on their food and drinks, the federal government refuses to establish food labeling laws (“Where GMOs Hide In Your Food”). A genetically modified, or genetically engineered, GE, food is a plant or animal that has had its DNA artificially changed in a laboratory to purposely alter its genetic composition. This type of genetic modification could never occur in nature and is experimental ("What Are We Eating?”). Unlike the strict rules and tests required for a new drug to be approved in America, GMOs, in food, have not been tested sufficiently. There have been no long-term studies conducted on the safety of eating or drinking GE foods. Americans deserve to know that they are unwillingly taking part in the federal government’s giant experiment on GMOs. Once citizens learn what is in their food, they can then make the informed choice to stay away from GMOs and the potential health risks. Because many people do not…
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