Effects Of Equestrianism On Horse Riding

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Equestrianism or what it is more typically known as to Americans, horseback riding, is considered one of the oldest sports. It has been said that horseback riding was known to be an intense sport among men. It is not only physically challenging because it requires an athletic build for it, but because it takes tolerance, dedication, time, and the most important one of all is building and strengthening that bond with the horse. If there is no relationship between the two then there isn’t going to be a good experience for the two. Time is needed to train and bond since horseback riding is a team sport. The sport can become highly dangerous for the equestrian or the professional rider whenever, since there is not a moment of time when the rider’s life is at risk while riding the horse. Hence that is why equestrianism is considered one of the top leading sports for causing traumatic brain injury. Neurological Focus Journal has found that horseback riding causes the most traumatic brain injuries among adults and it wasn’t a contact sport that caused it. “In the database, 45.2 percent of TBI among adults were related to horseback riding, dwarfing the other causes. The second-leading cause of sports-related traumatic brain injury was falls or hits from contact sports like football and soccer, but that accounted for just 20.2 percent of TBIs.” (ABCNews, Gillian Mohney). Even on a normal day-to-day basis, horseback riding resulted at a higher rate when being admitted to a hospital

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