Tracking Horse: The Hanoverian Horse

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There can be no question that the Hanoverian Horse represents today, one of the most prominent breeds of riding horses in the world. The stud-book comprises close to 19,000 active brood mares and 450 approved breeding stallions and covers the largest homogeneous breeding area in Europe (, 2017). Goodwin et al., (2008) believes that equine ethology, management, learning theory, skill, and talent combine to influence numerous outcomes in horse-rider interactions. The behavioural and learning processes in the horse are likely to influence not only equine athletic success but also the usefulness of the horse as a domesticated species (Murphy and Arkins, 2007) Training the sports horse
Types of tack
Correctly fitted
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His grandsire Warkant was Hanoverian Stallion of the Year for 2002. Warkant’s offspring caused a sensation on auctions. 37 of his offspring were the best horses of their auctions, 13 of them were sold at top prices of more than €50,000, EUR. Prices went as high as the then sensational amount of €255,000 for Wahajama by Warkant out of an Acapulco mare, she was very much more expensive, reputedly several million euros, when sold later to Ann-Kathrin Linsenhoff after winning the 5 and 6-year-old Dressage Championships at the Bundeschampionate (, 2017).
Werhahn et al., (2011) did a study investigating three turnout practices with regard to their effect on the behaviour of four horses: daily training without free exercise (NT), two-hour turnout (for free exercise) before training (TBT) and two-hour turnout after training (TAT). The behaviour of the horses in the stable was more relaxed when turnout was allowed in addition to training. The behaviour during training was also more relaxed and the willingness to perform was not negatively affected by turnout. Furthermore, the study indicates that training does not fulfil the horses’ exercise requirements. This horse does get turnout on a regular basis but it is not guaranteed every
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