Effects Of Exploitation Of Rohingya

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Sexual exploitation is another common issue in the Rohingya camp. The teen agers are more victim of sexual exploitation. At first they make a relationship like affair then the boys are promise the girl to marriage and make physical relationship and then one day the boy left the girl alone or pregnant. When the girl wants to justice from BMC (Block Management Committee) and CMC (Camp Management Committee) members then they also exploit them to promise give justice. Many Rohingya women are also face exploitation from Rohingya men, boy CMC and BMC member. Besides the villager and camp police also exploit them to give some gift, give advantage of ration, money and promise to marry.
According to Minara Begum(Shed-724/8,Block-D)she had an affair with BMC secretary Mohammad Khalil. One-dayperpetrator (Mohammad Khalil) came to her shed at night and invites her in his shed. Minara went with him then his mother and two sisters were also present there. After then Khalil told to Minara that he took her for marriage. Then he took her in his bedroom and promised her again and again that he will marry her at morning. Then he made physical relation with her forcibly. After then Khalil reached her in her shed and then he did not communicate with her again. When Minara tried to communicate with him, he refused her.
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The study is found that 14.29% were villager, 33.33% CMC-BMC members and 52.38% other refugee were involved in these
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