Effects Of Football Injuries In The NFL

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Many players in the NFL are prone to sustaining an injury and often they can be career ending. Some of the most gruesome and most commonly career ending injuries include ACL and MCL tears as well and achilles injuries. Some athletes professional careers end quicker than they began due to injuries that stay with them forever. One of the most common injuries in the NFL is and will always be head trauma. Even though the big market helmet manufacturers ie. Riddell, Schutt, Xenith continue to test and better their product it is still not enough to prevent these types of injuries. There have also been committees formed and playing rules changed in order to reduce the number of head injuries obtained in single NFL season. Through this there will be explanations about how different factors affect different injuries and how to prevent them as well as long lasting injuries and their effect on ex players in their everyday lives. Also, about how the NFL protects the players who seem to never fail to entertain us on our sunday evenings and so they can continue to do so injury free. My first point of emphasis is on the equipment provided and how well it protects the players from injury and rules protecting the players. First, the National Football League provides knee, hip, thigh, and tailbone pads as well as shoulder pads and a helmet for the players making them fairly well protected. Though with most time and interest in improving the equipment used goes into the helmets there is

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