Effects Of Gmos On Our Environment

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I am against the use of GMOs, they harshly impact our environment, are unmercifully dangerous to the human body when consumed, and are the cause of small farmers to betray the old ways of producing all natural produce. In this paper I will bring the use of GMOs to mind, discussing the harsh effects they have on society. I will be answering the questions to why we have them, and simply defining what they are. What are GMOs? Picture yourself, your sitting down for dinner about to cut into a big baked potato and you think to yourself “how did this get to be so big?” Well the answer to that is genetic engineering. You might just think that your daily vegetables and fruits are grown on a friendly farm, but in reality they come straight from a laboratory. Yes, that right I’m taking about GMOs or “ genetically modified organisms” they are plants or animals that are made through the splicing of genes, which are techniques of biotechnology (also known as genetic engineering). This technology is “creating unstable combinations of plant, animal, and viral genes that cannot occur in nature or be traditionally crossbred”, (What is gmo) basically they are plants that have been altered and made in a laboratory. There are two different groups of GMO standards, (1) being high risk, which are the plants that have been genetically changed. (2) Being monitored risks know as incidents of contamination which are cross-pollination. Cross pollination “is the transfer of pollen from one plant to
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