Genetically Modified Organisms : Aid Or Adversary

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Ben Smith
Mr. Yaggi
Honors English III
4 March 2015
Genetically Modified Organisms: Aid or Adversary Genetically modified organisms is a topic that has been hotly debated for many years; stemming from the central question of the future legality of GMOs, the question rages whether GMOs are the key to alleviating several of the world’s struggles or if they are too riddled with dangerous ramifications. Advocates argue GMOs offer positive health effects. Additionally, they insist GMOs offer improved crop yield; nevertheless, opponents claim GMOs cause adverse health effects like increases in allergic reactions. Similarly, opponents maintain GMOs harm the environment through increased dependence on the use of herbicides. Some experts argue genetically modified organisms should be kept legal in the United States while others state they should be made illegal.
First, genetically modified organisms should stay legal because they offer beneficial health effects. Guangwen Tang, an associate professor and senior researcher at Tufts Human Nutrition Research Center for 25 years, published a study discussing vitamin A in golden rice, commonly referred to as GR, compared to genetically modified foods asserting that β-carotene in GR is as effective as pure β-carotene in oil and better than that in spinach at providing vitamin A to children. A bowl of ∼100 to 150 g cooked GR (50 g dry weight) can provide ∼60% of the Chinese Recommended Nutrient Intake of vitamin A for 6–8-y-old children.…
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