Genetically Modified Organisms : Aid Or Adversary

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Ben Smith Mr. Yaggi Honors English III 4 March 2015 Genetically Modified Organisms: Aid or Adversary Genetically modified organisms is a topic that has been hotly debated for many years; stemming from the central question of the future legality of GMOs, the question rages whether GMOs are the key to alleviating several of the world’s struggles or if they are too riddled with dangerous ramifications. Advocates argue GMOs offer positive health effects. Additionally, they insist GMOs offer improved crop yield; nevertheless, opponents claim GMOs cause adverse health effects like increases in allergic reactions. Similarly, opponents maintain GMOs harm the environment through increased dependence on the use of herbicides. Some experts argue …show more content…

pag) According to Peter Singer, professor at Princeton University, approximately 250,000 to 500,000 pre-school children every year fall victim to blindness. About 50 percent of them die within the following year from the deficiency (n. pag). The conclusion illustrates that β-carotene is tied for the most effective method for children to get vitamin A. A 100 g bowl of rice is approximately equal to 1/2 US cup in volume, and a serving of rice is equal to one US cup; therefore, a full serving of golden rice gives children approximately 120% of their daily nutrient requirement. As golden rice continues to be grown more commonly, vitamin A deficiency decreases in commonality because golden rice provides the necessary amounts of vitamin A. Considering vitamin A deficiency is a major cause of childhood blindness, the growth of golden rice drastically decreases the number of children going blind and dying from vitamin A deficiency. Well over one billion people live in China, and they have a significant difficulty feeding the country. Rice is a thoroughly cost-effective way of feeding a population, and golden rice is an efficient way of providing vitamin A to China and western African countries who already depend on rice as a staple. China has a significantly brighter future because their future workforce is now healthier through the consumption of golden rice. Similarly, genetically modified organisms should be kept legal because they increase crop quantity. Pamela Ronald,

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