Japanese Internment Camps Essay

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“The relocation of Japanese-Americans into internment camps during World War II was one of the most flagrant violations of civil liberties in American history.” The event of Japanese internment camps occurred from 1942 to 1946. During that time, the imprisonment of the Japanese-Americans had an effect on both Americans and Japanese-Americans, for many Americans had lost friends and family, and many Japanese-Americans had lost the same. In 1942 Franklin D. Roosevelt unfairly ordered the evacuation of all Japanese ancestry into internment camps around the United States and split up countless Japanese families. Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the executive order of 9066 in 1942. This was signed in the united states, ordering anyone of Japanese decent to evacuate their homes and be sent to internment camps. This order was supposed to have the effect of protecting the Japanese-Americans from any Americans with an Anti-Japanese-American attitude because of the bombing, though many people just saw it as imprisonment. When the Japanese-Americans were placed into Internment camps, others of that family that would not be taken away had to live with relatives such as ants, uncles, grandparents and such because the other part of the families were sent to internment camps. Devastating things such as as families being split up and being treated as unequals was because of a bombing in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Japanese wanted to seize more territory and with doing that, they needed to

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