Effects Of Orcas In Captivity

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Orcas have been held in captivity since 1961. Since then, the captured orcas have been forced to live in a habitat very different to their own, which would also be known as Sea World. This marine mammal park has been opened for nearly five decades, featuring killer whales, sea lions, dolphins, and other marine mammals for entertainment. The marine mammals are used for mostly shows and other sort of entertainment, aside from the animals, the park also includes thrill rides for families. The theme parks are located in specific locations inside the United States and outside of the country as well. The subject on weather Orcas should be held captive has been argued over the past years. Throughout the years, I’ve encountered news on social media regarding the frequent deaths of these Orcas in captivity which leads me to believe that Orcas don’t belong at SeaWorld, and shouldn’t be held in captivity. Studies have shown that keeping orcas in these kind of environments have a severe effect on their life. Due to past …show more content…

Orcas in the wild are able to interact with each other but “orcas in captivity are more aggressive toward each other than in the wild” (Humane Society). When under stress, Orcas are able to act out against those around it. Since 1964, there’s been a record of four people being killed and others being injured, the recent death occurring in 2010 which involved the 30 year old Orca named Tilikum. In the wild, marine mammals flee from one another when they feel threatened, but when held in captivity, they’re forced to stay in one place which may lead to aggression. Trainers and staff members don’t really know what to expect when interacting with Orcas, this involves a high level of risk each day which can cost their life

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