The Killer Whales Have Been Captured From The Wild And Taken Into Captivity Essay

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Since 1961 killer whales have been captured from the wild and taken into captivity. Orcas are exceedingly intelligent and affectionate. For instance, in their natural habitat orcas remain with their families their entire lives hunting and swimming hundreds of miles daily. Each pod of orcas has a different dialect and set of rituals while being immensely family-oriented. In captivity, these brilliant animals are forced into a concrete pool and coerced into performing circus acts. Once the pursue for killer whales began the smallest orcas were ripped away from their families by gruesome methods. These methods include pens, speedboats, nets, and explosives. The remaining family members would stay the entire time and once the huntsmen had the young orca loaded, they would follow the boat to the shore. The family would call out to the young orca through all of this, some of the orcas would not make the journey to shore. Therefore the huntsmen would cut the orcas open, fill them with rocks, tie weights to their fins and throw them back into the water. Ultimately, orcas do not belong in captivity, where they suffer tremendously from mental and physical health issues. For this reason, in this paper I will discuss the various ways orcas are maltreated. Orcas are genuinely kind, brilliant, and extremely family oriented. In captivity these natural instincts are demolished. Orcas in captivity are known to suffer from depression, aggressiveness, health issues, rape, stress, shorter life

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