Effects Of Plastic Surgery On Today Society

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Plastic surgery has been around for decade, but now it making a real impact on today society. Many experts believe that it’s the influence of the media or the influence of people around us, which portrays the idea of self-image. There are many views of where plastic surgery makes a big impact like adolescent to middle age years and the media. Self-esteem is major factor of why many women and men receive surgery, however some experts say that this procedure doesn’t boosts confidence, while others says it does provided a sense of self confidence. While there are two sides of why plastic surgery is hand and hand with self-esteem, many experts have different concepts with same ideas in mind. In Cosmetic Surgery, Body image and sexuality, it states that our culture is known as the “body-changing culture” ( Berer), and that now a days we are getting changes done everywhere especially the most private parts of our bodies. While this becoming very common there are factors in the decisions on why many people choose to undergo plastic surgery. According to Pulsus Plastic Surgery “Markey and Markey recently examined young American women’s interest in obtaining cosmetic surgery. They found that all four factors they investigated – namely, body dissatisfaction, physical appearance, teasing (being teased about 11 different body parts) and media influence (feeling pressured to appear like people in the media) – were related to the desire to have cosmetic surgery. The best predictor of
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