Effects Of Prison Sentence And Reintegration

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Effects of a Prison Sentence and Reintegration Ex-offenders need help with integration into society, bottom line, they are still part of society. Without proper support ex-offenders risk re-offending which becomes a burden to society as a whole. Providing proper support for housing, education and employment may decrease the rate of re-incarceration.
Incorporating ways to include education can avoid re-arrest and re-incarceration after release, ex-offenders can and will experience less recidivism growth in its society. The probability of criminal recidivism is shown to decline over time (Custer, 2013). The decline in recidivism can take place if ex-offenders are given a chance for higher education through admissions. Custer (2013) shows in a completed case study, which was meant to rebuke the way admission offices treat students who may need higher education, especially ex-offenders. Having a strong support system would include admission offices being less stringent to ex-offenders and be given the right to a higher education. One candidate, who I will call “Susan,” had an especially troublesome involvement with this procedure and eventually pulled back her application. (Custer, 2013). Ex-offenders face many challenges with the approach to obtaining a higher education and avoiding recidivism. “Those with the highest education were more likely to employ with higher wages and less recidivism (Fabelo, 2002 p.106). Reevaluating the admission process,

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