Effects Of Protest In South Africa

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South Africa, the “Rainbow Nation”, is renowned for its rich culture and beautiful landscapes. South Africa’s constitution recognises 11 official languages, which is among the highest number of any country in the world. More than a quarter of South Africa’s population is unemployed and living under the breadline.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy once said that “those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”. In 2014 nearly 3 000 protest actions were held in 90 days – more than 30 a day. In 2013 the police reported that they made more than 14 000 arrests at protests in the last four years. Therefore you can see that the act of protest is embedded into South Africans. Although South Africa has been fortuned
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After a protest it is the government’s duty to answer positively on their requests. It is difficult to talk about protesting without taking in consideration the negative effect such an event has on a countries economy. After the Marikana mining strikes the South African rand has fallen 15% against the dollar, only after a few months of the incident. The combined industry losses are estimated to be at least 1.7 million ounces. South Africa’s key export earner is platinum, and losses as mentioned above can have direct impact on the rand currency. Protesting is a very affective and ineffective method of sending a message to higher authority, because a protest such as the Marikana and Impala Platinum mining strikes has a negative impact on all the aspects of an countries economy.

Protests are deeply embedded in our culture. South Africa is a democratic country because of violent protests. As demonstrated by the previous effects of such an act, the consequences of the implementation thereof and also the effects on South Africa’s economy we can see that the protests are not an act of terrorism but a South African way of crying for
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