Effects Of Racial Discrimination In The Workplace

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With all of the advances in modern society and human behavior, racism is still a crisis that many people have to cope with. It can occur at any place or at any time, including in the workplace. Racial discrimination arises when someone is treated differently based on their actual or perceived race. Many people believe that if one were to be in the vicinity of a respected workplace that they would be respected by all co-workers and employers; this is in no way true. A big amount of minority employees, mainly African-Americans, are affected by racial discrimination in the workplace whether it’s from their employers or their fellow co-workers, and it is not at all acceptable. Racial discrimination is a situation that has always been a problem, so we must show an effort to try to eliminate it from our society.
Racial discrimination can occur in any workplace to any minority. Whether it’s at a white collar job in corporate, or a blue collar job in construction, it can happen literally anywhere. As people become more educated and learn more in this life, their political views usually do not change. A lot of people sometimes would not mind giving up their jobs to express their racial and political beliefs. There are many problems associated with racial discrimination in the workplace that are left unattended. As I once stated before, one of the largest problems that occurs because of racial discrimination in the workplace is the fact that the workers who are discriminated against
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