Effects Of Retention On The Health Industry Essay

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In this paper, I will discuss, the cause and effect of retention and what employer retention strategies are most effective in the mental health industry and why. During this reading, there will be detailed face to face interviews from Jeff Devine, CEO and Jenny Dressler, Clinical Director of Oak Plains Academy. There will also be information from multiple outside resources. It is obvious that retention in any profession possess a concern but how and why does retention affect the mental health industry often than not? Per Merriam-Webster, retention is the act of keeping someone or something. (Merriam Webster) Many can contribute the turnover rate to employee burnout, salaries, benefits, training and inadequate management.
As mentioned before, there many possible reasons for retention in the industry. Employee benefits can impact retention. Most organization offer benefits packages to lure employees and hope to retain them for a long time based on benefits. “Depending on the business, meeting employer business goals may be highly dependent on having the right human capital and keeping workers satisfied and motivated” (Rappaport, A. M. 2013). Assuming a healthy workplace helps with cost savings and provides less professional and personal stress for employees. Making sound business investments from the employer perspective, is to provide attractive benefits packages that help with retaining valuable employees and keeping up with the current business market remaining

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