Effects Of Slimming Pills On Your Health Essay

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GENERAL IDEA: Slimming pills, which promise to help you lose weight quickly without diet or exercise, have many harmful side effects on your health. INTRODUCTION I. ATTENTION STEP:Ads on slimming pills pop up on your Twitter feed, on your Facebook page: "This magic pill can burn fat fast”.“Itsingredients are plant-based”. It is undeniable that many women who are frustrated because of their obesity get easily tempted by these adswhichpromise them of losing weight rapidly without diet or exercise. Unfortunately, thesewomen do not recognize that these pills may have fatalside effects until they experience this themselves. I myself never recognized how harmful slimming pills are until I read about the tragic endings of women who took these pills hoping to have a better figure but instead they lost their lives in distress. II. REVEAL THE TOPIC:Today I will talk to you about the potential side effects of slimming pills hoping that you will be convinced with my point of view and you will feel, and understand as strongly as I do the dramatic effects that these pills can have on the physical and mental well-being of women. III. CREDIBILITY STATEMENT:I have been searching and reading about many stories of women who were the victims of these pills for the last Being a pre-medical student who cares about making the life ofpeople better, I feel that it is my responsibility to set awareness among women on the tragic consequences of taking slimming pills. IV. INTERNAL REVIEW: today,

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