Effects Of Social Media Unhealthy

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Today social media has become a norm in society. Social media is a form of communication via electronically, through this user can create online profiles to share personal information, ideas or experiences. We continue to check our phone every minute to see which friend post what and what friend liked who’s picture. Now people often question, “How does social media effects teens mental and does it benefits teens to learn about the negative and or positive effects?" I see many people my age who grew up in the social media age and now it has become the norm in everyday life. I also inquired about the issue of future effects on a person my age, such as does it influence our perception of the world? Or does it change the way how people interact for the better? It’s tons of questions to answer and research about. However, I believe we should be asking a better question, is social media unhealthy? Most teens believe that social media has a positive impact on their emotional well-being rather than a negative one. It is said that a large number of teens believe that social media makes them socially active and develops the way they feel. Although, researchers believe that is likely untrue. In the article, "Remaining Aware & responsible Teens & Tech in the Social Media Age." it states, "In fact, social media may have a number of effects on our mental health. Studies show that social media can increase anxiety, depression, and feelings of loneliness and isolation" (Tamburro 1). So,

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