Effects Of Social Upheavals

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The Roman Republic faced two great social upheavals. These two upheavals are known as the Struggle of the Orders and the civil war of the late republic. According to, social upheaval is defined as “strong or violent change or disturbance, as in a society” These social upheavals had a huge impact on Rome’s government as well as the citizens. The Struggle of the Orders took place from 494 B.C.E. to 287 B.C.E and the civil war of the late republic took place from 133 B.C.E to 27 B.C.E. The Struggle of the Orders was a conflict between two different social groups. This conflict occurred because of inequality which took place between patricians and plebeians. Patricians were the people of Rome who obtained hereditary …show more content…

Political conflicts were aroused, for the Romans, after the war of conquest. After coming back from war, soldiers’ farmlands were destructed. They sold their land to people who were rich and moved to the city but they were not able to find jobs. Citizens without land were not permitted to serve in the army. Romans believed that only people with lands should have the ability to serve in the army since they had something to fight for. Landless citizens were angry and willing to follow any leader that was willing to help them. Tiberius Gracchus was the only leader who promised to answer their prayers so they elected him in 133 B.C.E. He suggested that they divide the public land and distribute it amongst the poor. He was soon murdered by senators that disagreed with his proposal. This triggered political violence for a long period of time. Tiberius’ brother, Gaius Gracchus, proposed a law that supplied cheap grain to the poor to advocate change for the better. He, as well, was murdered by senators who disagreed. The next leader was Gaius Marius. He recruited men without land into the army. In exchange for their service, they were promised land but the senate declined his promise to the people. The civil war of the late republic was fought for full power by famous Roman figures. This war was fought between Pompey (consul) and Caesar (an able general) for power after the First Triumvirate fell apart. This First Triumvirate was a political alliance between

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