Effects Of Sole Parenting On Child Development

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The purpose of this investigation will be to explore whether a single mother has an impact on their child’s development in relation to socio-cultural influences. Sole parenting has become more common to our society, this can be through the act of, separation, divorce, the choice of being a single parent from conception or the death of a partner. Looking at figure 1, the percentage of children living with a single parent is recognised in comparison to families living with two parents. It is clearly identified that our culture has dramatically changed over the years and shaped the way modern family types work. There are potential advantages and disadvantages on a child in the scenario of sole parenting, which can affect the child in different areas of their development including their social, emotional and educational growth. Figure 1

Scope of the study

The research will be initiated in a variety of areas centred around how sole parenting has an impact on children’s development at the age of 5-8 years within Australia. Primary information will be critical to gain ‘first hand’ knowledge of what areas of development children struggle with the most, while secondary sources will provide answers. The investigation will be primarily centred around separation, although the other areas of sole parenting will be covered through the research that will be conducted. A possible limitation that may arise, could be

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